We are too often led by sentiments (and or what we like), but the reality is somewhat different. We need to be led by objective facts; in other words, what is the data or information telling us? Correlation Analysis (or CET Analysis) is one such methodology that analyses data with the capability to predict future outcomes.

The following books are meant to prove the capability of Correlation Analysis for horse racing enthusiasts.

The first application of Correlation Analysis was within the horse racing industry. The reason for this is that one can prove the credibility (with winning tickets (bets/wagers) that the system actually works (also check videos and actual winning tickets). Note that you can apply the correlation of horse’s past performance, i.e. its weight carried and time it took to finish a race – over a specific distance and racecourse. When weight carried and time over a specific distance and racecourse is populated into a correlation system, it can accurately forecast the best-performing horses in competitive thoroughbred horse racing.